Our Goal: A sustainable brand that focuses on viability and consistent growth whose direction is largely influenced by community feedback. 😍 Our Purpose: Build a community that is both fun 🎉 and uplifting and allows its members to decide the direction of and contribute to the growth of the project.
TBA Total NFTs
TBA Mint Price
TBA Mint Date

Roadmap & Perks


  • Build a fun and engaged community
  • Host games & contests to win prizes
  • Surveys to gauge areas of demand


  • NFT presale whitelist mint
  • Remaining NFTs open to public mint
  • % of funds used per community vote
  • Holder-only merch+NFT raffles
  • Other weekly community raffles

Longterm Plans

  • Other exclusive raffles
  • Future collabs + whitelist opps
  • Holders surprise polygon NFT airdrops
  • Holders vote on future perks/value
  • Web3 R&D - Concept TBA


Wen Mint?
Our mint date is TBA.
What will the mint price be?
The mint price is currently TBA.
How do I get on the whitelist to mint during presale?
⭐ Be an outstanding member of the community. Help others, engage, be present. We understand life is busy, but being around even a couple of minutes with your fellow members goes a long way!

⭐ Participate in our events. We will host games, tournaments, giveaways, contests, etc. Being present in those events will give you a great chance at getting whitelisted!

⭐ The "OG" Discord role will give you 5x entries for all giveaways you enter and access to exclusive events with tons of WL opportunities.

⭐ The "One With the Cereal" Discord role will give you 2x entries for giveaways + the chance to be promoted to "OG".

⭐ We respect your time. We don't want you to mindlessly grind for the whitelist. We will always be on the lookout for awesome people in our community who want to be part of what we are building here together and give them the chance to mint during presale. Staying awesome is the best way to getting on the whitelist!

"Cereal Connoisseur (WL)" is the official whitelist Discord role.