Our Goal: A sustainable brand that focuses on viability and consistent growth whose direction is largely influenced by community feedback. 😍 Our Purpose: Build a community that is both fun 🎉 and uplifting and allows its members to decide the direction of and contribute to the growth of the project.
TBA Total NFTs
TBA Mint Price
TBA Mint Date

Roadmap & Perks


  • Build a fun and engaged community
  • Host games & contests to win prizes
  • Surveys to gauge areas of demand


  • NFT presale whitelist mint
  • Remaining NFTs open to public mint
  • % of funds used per community vote
  • Holder-only merch+NFT raffles
  • Other weekly community raffles

Longterm Plans

  • Other exclusive raffles
  • Future collabs + whitelist opps
  • Holders surprise polygon NFT airdrops
  • Holders vote on future perks/value
  • Web3 R&D - Concept TBA


@jamesmakan Artist
@djrm911 Lead DEV
@grimlook PR & Marketing
@noo Community MGR
@tmack Lead Mod
@pocketkiwi Solidity DEV


Wen Mint?
Our mint date is TBA.
What will the mint price be?
The mint price is currently TBA.
How do I get on the whitelist to mint during presale?
⭐ Be an outstanding member of the community. Help others, engage, be present. We understand life is busy, but being around even a couple of minutes with your fellow members goes a long way!

⭐ Participate in our events. We will host games, tournaments, giveaways, contests, etc. Being present in those events will give you a great chance at getting whitelisted!

⭐ The "OG" Discord role will give you 5x entries for all giveaways you enter and access to exclusive events with tons of WL opportunities.

⭐ The "One With the Cereal" Discord role will give you 2x entries for giveaways + the chance to be promoted to "OG".

⭐ We respect your time. We don't want you to mindlessly grind for the whitelist. We will always be on the lookout for awesome people in our community who want to be part of what we are building here together and give them the chance to mint during presale. Staying awesome is the best way to getting on the whitelist!

"Cereal Connoisseur (WL)" is the official whitelist Discord role.
How will the proceeds be used?
First, funds will be used to recoup initial project costs (promotion and development).

For the remaining funds, this is an approximate and tentative budget while things are being organized:

⭐ 50% will be remitted to core team members for their hard work.

⭐ 25% will be used to create the Cereal Girls brand and begin production on the initial product(s) as determined by the team in coordination with community feedback and based on demand, qualified by feasibility. This will also include an allocation for marketing and promotional actions.

⭐ 5% will be used to continue providing value to the community of holders through games, contests, giveaways and other raffles.

⭐ 5% will be donated to charities as determined by the team and holding community.

⭐ 5% will be used to help new and upcoming NFT artists get off the ground as voted by the community.

⭐ 10% will be held in company savings for TBD future plans.
Who are the team members? What is your background and do you have any business experience?
James Makan (@jamesmakan)
James has always loved to create art and music. He currently does web development and graphic design and has launched several e-commerce stores (one having grown to reach six figures at one point within a year from launch). In the past he has also worked with other artists to help them with their music and even worked at a world-class recording studio. Currently he is focusing more on visual art and has the dream to build this community, first, around this art concept, Cereal Girls, and second, to do it in such a way as to create a sustainable business model based on the feedback of its community members (and qualified by competition and feasibility) and come to determine the way we will provide value through this project to its holders (also taking into consideration member feedback). You can see some other recent artwork on his website.

Nicky (@djrm911)
Lead Dev
Nicky has been working with James as a lead developer for close to 10 years, not to mention being siblings for 25. He has a lot of experience working under pressure and with tight deadlines. He has excellent problem-solving and communication skills. He loves anime, following bleeding edge tech, and he is one of the last surviving players of Overwatch.

Ricky (@grimlook)
PR & Marketing
Ricky has been working for the last several years as a Data Analyst at an international Digital Marketing corporation and continues to do this while he helps to build the PR for the Cereal Girls brand as well as overseeing its marketing. He also has 3 years experience working in retail sales prior to this. Connecting with other projects and communities is something he's really passionate about and now he's excited to use his skills here to help position and grow the Cereal Girls community.

Vitor (@noo)
Community Mgr
Noo graduated with a bachelor's degree in chemistry but subsequently found out that working in a lab isn't that fun. He then started working for a consultancy firm where his job was primarly dealing with and managing people, and he fell in love with it. Building an engaging and active community where people can have fun and make real friends is his main purpose now here in Cereal Girls.

Taylor (@tmack)
Lead Mod
Taylor is energetic, loves talking to people and is a fine artist in her own right. She has worked in high-end fashion retail settings and has also helped others improve their lives as a church member. She now multitasks moderating in the Cereal Girls discord while raising a new family member with James. 👪

PocketKiwi @PocketKiwi
Solidity Dev
PocketKiwi has been the solidity developer on other large projects, one having reaching over 100k discord members and minting over $1mm within a 24hr period. He is still busy working as a team member on the Ethereal Art project but we are gracious to accept his help during the Cereal Girls minting phase and we are excited to work with him. :)